xUNIC vault to automatically convert earned UNICs to xUNICs

Hey Fam!

The process of converting earned UNICs to xUNIC is currently manual. Some farmers doesn’t even aware of xUNIC or just forget to regularly claim the UNICs and convert them to xUNIC.

I’m suggesting to have a vault that will automatically claim the UNICs and convert them to xUNIC without the need of manually do anything.

I already spent the last few weeks to write it and test it vigorously. Furthermore, as this vault is a standard vault with some small changes so it is very safe and already tested in multiple other projects.

I hope you will like it.

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FYI (to the community) - k-ooger (Rotem) built the Farm v3 contracts which was just released.

We should retroactively vote to reward this with some UNIC. What is a good amount for this feature?

I think something between 30 to 50 UNICs will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: