Unicly limited edition launchpad

  1. We seen launchpads getting popular around, But for Artists & NFT there are no such, there’s just an Auction market, but they weren’t so good and takes lot of our money, did Beeple completely received 69 million no way . He could have launched in ours .
    We should use this opportunity. For (ex) if an Artist create NFTs like cryptopunks or Nyancat which is a limited edition , We can be their Launcher. We can bring Celebrities and sell their artistic moments as well . Games thats a big deal we can do lot with that, Games create their own website to sell, we can gain their traction over them and make them use ours .

  2. we just need to market our plan to artists and game creators and celebs around. Many need a big exposure , Good projects fail due to less exposure . So we should do some steps from our side like an incubator .

  3. Devs and Marketing specialist knows what to do, just they should think unicly is their home like community members, it’s done .

  4. cost would differ for each , we need to implement it with new people once they succeeded , then it’s our game , they will pay to apply for launch .

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Yes! We are working on creating a better token launcher / auction mechanism :slight_smile: