NFTtokens or NFTtokencap website for price feed and upcoming NFT related news

  1. well it’s same like coinmarketcap or coingecko, But for only NFT tokens . We know fractionalization is next big thing in NFT . So we should use this opportunity to create this, We can market our stuffs here as well while others need to pay . We just not only display other token fractionalization platforms ad, we will also display auction house and so many which gives us more revenue.

  2. I beleive fractionalization is still in starting stage and it’s easy to create this NFTtokens or NFTtokencap, all we need is better nodes to sync for displaying the fractionalized tokens collection and it’s price correctly .
    And UI plays a important role . We should let people view the collections just in this website , we can limit it if we want .

  3. Best UI → API nodes for price fees-> Better sync → marketing → wait and watch
    If this NFT tokenization method have a big future , it obviously have , we will be big .

  4. Team will definitely like this idea , I beleive it will help Unicly in some way too .

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