Ecosystem Faucet

  1. There is not enough UNIC being used to incentivize community interest and real flow

  2. We should create an ecosystem faucet where, over time, 10% of farmed UNIC gets dropped into this bucket. Through community votes, the UNIC in this bucket could be used for getting UNIC on more exchanges, rewarding community initiatives, retroactive airdrops on Unicly users (rewarding flow), and/or developer grants.

10% is just a benchmark, it could be higher/lower, and could be voted on to modify it as we go.

  1. Vote to whitelist a proxy token to the farm and give it the % allocation points that the community decided on.
    UNIC rewards will accrue to the proxy token pool. This could be claimed into a community owned smart contract or multisig wallet.

  2. Development costs for this would be minimal to none.