Easy way to know how much your LP tokens are worth

Hey fam,

Currently, there isn’t an easy way to know how much your LP tokens are worth. In order to know, you will need to unstake 1 LP token (or all of them), go to manage liquidity page, select the pool, and put in the UI the LP token(s). Only then you can see how much uToken and how much ETH they worth. If you unstaked only 1 LP token, you then need to multiple it by the number of LP tokens you have.

I’m suggesting an easy solution by providing a clear UI in farmingstats.unic.ly, where you can choose your pool and provide your address and get the amount of uTokens and ETH your LP tokens are worth. Also, near each pool the amount of ETH and uToken for 1 share will be presented.

I’m planning to implement it in the upcoming week and hopefully finish it until the 24th.

An amount between 30-50 UNICs would be suffice for my effort and time.

Thanks! :pray:

I’m not sure how great the need to know what one individual LP is worth to most farmers, especially when a few moments in vfat tools should give them the answer.

On the vfat tools it says,

You are staking 1000.00 [uTOKEN]-[WETH] Unic Swap LP ($20,000.00), 4.99% of the pool.
Estimated UNIC earnings: Day X.X, Week XX.X, Year XXX.XX ($XX,XXX.XX)
Your LP tokens comprise of 40000 uTOKEN + 4 WETH

From that, it’s easy to deduce how much an LP token is worth. Simply divide the given price of your LP tokens by the number that is owned. If more specific information is needed, a person can then apply the ratio of uTOKEN to ETH that is also given.

Moreover, ETH and uTOKEN prices are readily available from the dex.viewblock.io sites.

For the limited appeal and fairly simple method of getting it, I don’t think several thousands of dollars needs to be put into this.

On vfat tools you can see what the LP token is comprised of only if you are farming that specific pool, and even if you are farming you won’t have exactly 1000 tokens for easy calculation.

Don’t know why you mention the ETH and uTOKEN prices, this was never about it.

Furthermore, this feature was requests by a large farmer that couldn’t find an easy way to get that information.