Discover page - show collection size as a table column

1. The problem it is trying to solve
Some collections hold a single NFT, some hold a handful, some hold lots!
The visitor doesn’t have a clear indication just how large a collection is without clicking load more until there is no more to load.
It would be great to show the number of NFTs within each collection as a stat on the main discover page. This number should also be shown on the collection detail page.

2. Clear solution
Create a new column called “NFTs” on the Discover page table, add the number of NFTs within each collection to each row.
Create a new metric on the Collection detail page called “NFTs in this collection” and report the number.

3. Clear plans to implement it
Hopefully :slight_smile:

4. Any costs/resources associated with it
More Unicly developer time!


This should be a pretty easy change, but we just need to make sure the designs still look clean and not cluttered. Thanks for the suggestion!