Collection detail display page enhancement

1. The problem it is trying to solve
At present, when a collection is viewed only 9 NFTs are shown.
If a collection has numerous NFT’s, the User has to keep on clicking “Load More…”.
This could result in the user missing a really cool NFT as it’s number 20 on the list!
Clicking Load More takes on average 6 seconds to then load the next batch of 9; in this day and age only showing 9 at a time is far too few.

2. Clear solution
Either increase the number of NFT’s shown on first load (ideally all of them and make them thumbnails rather than their current size) or introduce lazy loading where the next row of NFT’s load when the users scrolls down the page.

3. Clear plans to implement it

4. Any costs/resources associated with it
Probably Unicly some developer time :slight_smile:

I appreciate I have already raised this before in the telegram chat - but wanted to get it logged for consideration!


Thanks! Super helpful to have it here so that we can get back to it.
Lazy loading could be a good idea! We’ll try to find other ways to optimize loading times.