Clarify Language on uToken Pages

Introduction: The language used on the uToken pages can be misinterpreted. When I was initially looking at the uToken pages, I saw the phrase “uUNICLY voted to unlock collection”. At first, I interpreted this as “uUNICLY(holders have) voted to unlock the collection”, and thus the collection was closed. American English --especially – often opts to use the past simple tense (I voted) versus the present perfect tense (I have voted) to describe certain completed actions, so, at first glance to many people, it may appear that the collections have been unlocked.

Solution: Edit the text on the individual uTOKEN pages from ‘uTOKEN voted to unlock collection’ to instead read something such as:

‘Current uTOKEN voting stats’
‘X% of Y% has been voted to unlock collection’
'An additional X% of uTOKEN would need to be voted to unlock this collection"

Implementation: A modest amount of editing should accomplish this.