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Proposals should clearly state:

  1. The problem it is trying to solve
  2. Clear solution
  3. Clear plans to implement it
  4. Any costs/resources associated with it


  1. There is not enough UNIC token price support
  2. We should take fees from new uTokens and use them to buy back UNIC
  3. We need to activate fees on UnicFactory and implement a buyback contract where the fees can be routed to
  4. Team will develop it

What problems are we trying to solve?

Context: https://twitter.com/0xLeia/status/1403089000731222017

Currently, Unicly’s incentive structure looks something like this:

  1. Tech 10%
  2. Quality NFTs ~85.5%
  3. Community interest ~0%
  4. Token liquidity/price ~4.8%
  5. Real flow/volume ~ -.3%

We should look to rebalance the incentives to something like this:

  1. Tech 8-15%
  2. Quality of NFTs 50-70%
  3. Community interest 8-25%
  4. Token price/liquidity 5-15%
  5. Real flow/volume 2-12%

What are your thoughts? And what are some ideas that we could implement to make sure these incentives are used in the best way/system?

Taking Unicly to next level by integrating with games :-

  1. We are 1st to fractionalize NFTs , Many already started playing NFT based games and collecting NFT items and don’t know what to do, As we are early we should push and get into mainstream ASAP.

  2. We should tie up with NFT based games and reward our utokens in game, like also we can create an event and whoever beating the boss will win a stake in certain collection, also we should be giving tokens like 1 or 2 utokens on the way of their boss hunt while they beating the low health creeps on way.

  3. We should start implementing Enjin & Flow & BSC & Sol blockchain as fast as we can and also take over their games earlier

  4. Teams foreseeing future view will let them work towards it , but for partnership I believe there will be a sum of amount being asked I guess, but we can provide them services like let them display their collection like we do now, but for the compensation that can be made.

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Introduction: The fractionalized approach to NFT ownership is revolutionary and is the greatest appeal of Unicly at the moment. However, there is also room for a traditional NFT marketplace. Newcomers to the project often wonder how to buy the NFTs they can see in the discovery collections and do not always immediately understand how the bidding and unlocking of collections work. Having a separate ‘Live Marketplace’ would be an ideal bridge between what most people are accustomed to in the NFT-sphere and the exciting and novel possibilities that exist outside of single-ownership of NFTs.

Solution: In addition to the uToken collections, create the framework for a robust Unic NFT marketplace.

Items to be implement to the Unicly site:
a) Link to a ‘NFT Gallery’ page where a person can see his or her personally-owned NFTs (Regardless of the current feasibility of a full-scale marketplace, I believe the NFT Gallery page should be implemented before long.),
b) Add a marketplace for the minting, buying and selling of NFTs with organization by artist, collection, etc.,
c) A system to reward minters, buyers, and sellers of NFTs on the Unicly marketplace with a small amount of the Unic governance token based on the value of the transactions,
d) Implement ETH-based fees for NFT minting and transactions to be reinvested into the Unicly ecosystem.

Foreseeable costs are, of course, considerable labour and time in the creation and maintenance of the marketplace as well as and possible necessary hardware upgrades. However, a functional, well-populated marketplace could be a source of considerable revenue growth going forward.

We could take the fee in uTokens. I am writing up a proposal about this right now :slight_smile:

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